Using IP66 Waterproof Case with Sonoff Basic to Remote Control Outdoor Christmas Tree Lighting

The annual Christmas is coming soon. It’s time for the inspiring geeks to start their own X-mas lighting project. Here, we want to share you with an exciting new product: IP66 Waterproof Case, which you can use to your outdoor Christmas tree lighting.

We selected the Sonoff Basic as the smart switch to remote control the Christmas tree lighting on phone. The Sonoff Basic is an inexpensive solution, it takes you just a few bucks. It’s small, but with great functions, it can be controlled from anywhere at any time, really a fair good deal! The most important thing for the outdoor Christmas tree lighting project is to solve the waterproof problem. Once it snows, your Sonoff model will get wet and burnt. So selecting a good waterproof case is very important. IP66 waterproof case is just the one we need.

So we applied it with the Sonoff Basic to DIY the lighting. I will share the step to step tutorial to you below.

Materials and Tools:

Step 1: Install the wiring nuts of the IP66 waterproof case


Step 2: Wire the Sonoff Basic accordingly. Connect it to your power supply and the Christmass tree LED strips.

Step 3: Download the eWeLink App from App store or Google Play. Register an account if you don’t have.

Add the Sonoff Basic to your eWeLink account. Press and hold the pairing button for 7s until the led indicator fast blinks, then release your finger.

Tap “+” to add the device.

Android users should select the first pairing icon.

Ios users should select AP pairing icon, then go to phone Settings->Wi-Fi->Connect the WiFi starts with ITEAD-********** with the password of 12345678, then go back to eWeLink.

Enter the WiFi SSID and password of the WiFi network your phone connects with. Make sure your WiFi network is normal.

Android users can view the hotspot and auto-connect it.

Added successfully. Name the device.

Complete adding process.

You can view the device on the list.

Enter its interface, you can share control it, create max.8 enabled countdown/scheduled/loop timers to make it auto-turn on/of at a specified time.

Click the Setting on the upper right corner, you can rename the device, set default power on status, enable the vibrate switch or enable the operation notification push function.

Step 4: Check if the waterproof strip on the transparent cover is completed. If everything is fine, close it to the case tightly. Drive the 4 screws to fix the cover. All done.

The IP66 waterproof case is suitable for multiple Sonoff models. Like Sonoff Basic, Sonoff RF, PCBA boards of Sonoff Pow/TH10/TH16/Dual/G1/G2.

Put the connected LED strip to the Christmas tree. Our project is completed.

Let’s test the waterproof effect.

The Sonoff Basic can be voice controlled by Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, below are the tutorials.

Sonoff Works With Amazon Alexa Tutorial 

Sonoff Works With Google Assistant Tutorial