Sonoff Pow Fix Tool

A tool to fix the problem of SONOFF POW offline and the LED Blinks Twice repeatedly

Dear users, we’ve learned that your Sonoff Pow is offline and the led indicator is blinking twice in a row. We are very sorry for the problem. Now we provide a fix tool  APP for Android system to solve the problem. Click here to download!

Install this fix tool APP, add the Sonoff Pow to it. It will become online and you can normally control it. Please understand that we can only provide the Android version. Please follow below steps to use the fix tool APP.

  1. After successfully install the fix tool APP, you’ll see an app with the same icon as the eWeLink app, called Coolkit POW Fix Tool.
  2. Power up Sonoff Pow.
  3. Press the pairing button for 5s until it fast blinking once steadily. If your device is not blinking in this way, the fix tool is not applicable to your device.
  4. Open the Coolkit POW Fix Tool. Tap “+”. Then select Compatible Pairing Model(AP).

5. Make sure the led is blinking like the gif on the interface. Tap Next.

6. Enter your WiFi information, if it asks for location access permission, please tap OK. Tap Next.

7. The app will auto search the device and complete the connection.

8. Name the device. Added successfully. Wait for a moment, your device will be online, and the led indicator will keep light up.

9. Enter the device control interface, there’ll be a red notice asking you to update the firmware.

10. Tap on the icon on the upper right corner. Select Setting.

11. Tap the icon to upload the firmware version.

12. Waiting for firmware updating, if failed. Please retry.

13. After updating the firmware, you can return to the original eWeLink app to use the device directly. You don’t need to re-add the device.